Posters: Marketings Best Kept Secret

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The common place to see posters is the bedroom walls of kids and overzealous teenage fans that put the faces of their favorite boy bands or singers in their place. But posters can be used more than that. They are now used as an important part of a business marketing strategy. Heres how to use posters to your advantage:

The basics. Just like business cards and postcards, your posters should attract attention at once and endorse a persuasive offer that stimulates action. Remember the 40-40-20 rule? It states that 40% of a business success depends on your direct mailing campaign, the other 40% on your offer, and the 20% is for contingency.
Repetition. It is important to create a new poster regularly. Although one poster can already target demographic effectively, a new poster every week or monthly can boost the creativity of your campaign and helps your branding strategy. If you can put an irresistible and incredible offer in each of your poster, your target customers will look forward to your weekly advertisement.
Use bold and full color design. Choose the right colors for your poster. As much as possible, choose colors that will contrast each other to ensure your copy will stand out against the background. The right color will effectively catch attention and highlight the important information on your material. You can basically use any graphic you want. Just be sure to pick an art piece that someone will take home and put on their wall.
Dont go for bigger posters. Some business owners would argue that a biggest poster is better, but small posters will deliver your message more effectively. In deciding on size of your material, consider your target market. If your audience will be in close range, an 11 by 17 poster is enough, but if you will be targeting motorists, a large format poster is what you will need.
The borders. Consider the border when designing and printing. As much as possible, put a inch or more border as rims can get chopped during printing and cutting. The border will also be helpful when putting up your posters. Whether you glue, staple, or tape the material, the design will not get marked up or tattered.
Simplicity sells. It cannot be stressed enough the need for simplicity. Keep in mind that the main goal of your material is to motivate customers. You dont need a flashy and elaborate design to do this, unless you want your poster to make it into the Louvre. So, keep your design simple and direct to the point. Make your headline big and bold, and ensure that you use an easy to read font that can be read up close and afar. Too much colors or graphics can only make your message confusing, so just stick with a simple design and idea.
Create posters that offer great impact and long service. It is important that you print your poster using high quality materials such a 14-point gloss cover stock. High quality poster printing will bring out the best in your design and allow you to stand up against competition.

When designed creatively, your poster will surely make a good first impression on your target market. It will allow you the ability to market to a large number of people with just one piece of sales material. Be sure to create eye-catching and interesting posters, and you can be sure that people will take your seriously.
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Posters: Marketings Best Kept Secret

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This article was published on 2011/02/01